News Article Title Version Source Discovered
SA launches plan to combat Aids 0 bbc
Pair test positive for polonium 9 bbc
Tube fall footballer 'critical' 1 bbc
'Hundreds killed' in Sudan battle 10 bbc
Contact in positive polonium test 8 bbc
Girl's rape 'plotted on internet' 1 bbc
Colombian rebels kill 17 soldiers 0 bbc
Tube fall footballer 'critical' 0 bbc
Police witness on perjury charge 0 bbc
Speaking out 2 bbc
Dutch child dies in school attack 3 bbc
Britain fails fake passport test 1 bbc
Huge Beirut rally demands change 5 bbc
DUP must stay focussed - Paisley 3 bbc
Father of two hurt in tram attack 1 bbc
Ambulance sent off course by GPS 1 bbc