News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Archbishop defends faith schools 2 bbc
Human rights 'as British as beer' 3 bbc
Basra consulate staff relocated 1 bbc
Russian diplomats hurt in brawl 0 bbc
Problems hit school data systems 0 bbc
Cardinals close on World Series 2 bbc
Police 'regret' at merger payouts 3 bbc
DVLA workers face e-mail action 0 bbc
Warning over film body shake-up 1 bbc
Hammers 'takeover decision close' 2 bbc
Bomb blasts shake Algeria towns 2 bbc
Minister meets Buckfast company 2 bbc
How to write the perfect lonely heart 1 bbc
Radical preacher launches appeal 3 bbc
Climate change fight 'can't wait' 21 bbc
Police 'regret' at merger payouts 2 bbc