News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Gazprom to double Georgia charges 3 bbc
Broadband costs see Carphone loss 2 bbc
Alcohol abuse 'becoming epidemic' 2 bbc
Aberdeen 2-1 Hibernian 4 bbc
KFC cuts out unhealthy trans-fats 3 bbc
Story of mystery burglar unravels 1 bbc
Britain is 'surveillance society' 9 bbc
Eurozone rates held steady by ECB 4 bbc
Hope over new 'skin cancer patch' 1 bbc
DR Congo votes in landmark poll 18 bbc
Injured Cueto to miss NZ contest 6 bbc
Albanian MPs want ex-spies named 1 bbc
Seventeen die in Tamil Nadu crash 2 bbc
Dad killed day after return home 1 bbc
Three die in northern Gaza raid 2 bbc
Sharp rise in tuberculosis cases 3 bbc