News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Mother cleared of baby salt death 6 bbc
Bush condemns gay rights ruling 2 bbc
Adams asks to end Sussex contract 4 bbc
Benn to run for deputy position 2 bbc
Rampant South Africa reach semis 5 bbc
Police deployed in Paris suburbs 1 bbc
Power returns to storm-hit homes 5 bbc
Karzai 'sadness' at raid deaths 3 bbc
Burnley 3-2 Preston 3 bbc
Anti-social measures 'a success' 1 bbc
Couples urged to seek counselling 1 bbc
Patients denied 'blindness' drug 1 bbc
Foot-and-mouth pig test 'clear' 5 bbc
Virgin defers A380 by four years 3 bbc
Host Timberlake in MTV double win 1 bbc
US Bechtel wraps up Iraq projects 0 bbc