News Article Title Version Source Discovered
LA Galaxy admit Beckham interest 2 bbc
Curfew eased after Saddam verdict 5 bbc
Cartoons protest man apologises 0 bbc
Life term for girlfriend's murder 0 bbc
Plan for school drug-test trials 1 bbc
Leaving Captain Cook's 'paradise' 2 bbc
SF decides to 'follow agreement' 1 bbc
Birthday card could be 'ageist' 1 bbc
Families appeal over Iraq inquiry 3 bbc
Murder arrest after child deaths 15 bbc
US mid-terms at-a-glance: 6 November 3 bbc
Tory suspended over racist e-mail 0 bbc
Closing speeches in Kriss trial 0 bbc
The car craze sweeping Russia's rich 1 bbc
German mountain that symbolises freedom 1 bbc
EU abandons Turkey-Cyprus talks 1 bbc