News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Israel admits phosphorus bombing 2 bbc
Hungary remembers 1956 uprising 5 bbc
Civil service strike fears grow 0 bbc
Plaque honours tennis great Kitty 0 bbc
Report warns of sporting decline 1 bbc
Britain tops energy waste league 0 bbc
US official retracts Iraq remarks 0 bbc
Actor Ford 'fit' to play Indiana 0 bbc
Iraq police bus attack kills 13 3 bbc
UK 'has squandered oil revenues' 0 bbc
UK economic growth 'continuing' 0 bbc
Bulgarian president faces run-off 9 bbc
Auditors to condemn EU spending 0 bbc
OU offers free learning materials 0 bbc
Bid to attract scientists to UK 0 bbc
Soldiers return from Afghan tour 0 bbc