News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Bomb-plot suspect halts evidence 1 bbc
Two men guilty of Mumbai blasts 0 bbc
Bomb-plot suspect halts evidence 0 bbc
The long goodbye 0 bbc
Lib Dems offer cash for women MPs 3 bbc
Israel charges Hezbollah fighters 1 bbc
Tramp-disguise paedophile jailed 3 bbc
Afghan bomber kills Nato troops 3 bbc
Pressure grows on Sudan's leader 0 bbc
Botox therapy 'may be addictive' 0 bbc
UVF murder report 'uncomfortable' 4 bbc
Italian nun shot dead in Somalia 3 bbc
Man detained over road incident 1 bbc
UK's 'Most Wanted' list drawn up 2 bbc
UVF murder report 'uncomfortable' 3 bbc
Afghan bomber kills Nato troops 2 bbc