News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Cornel West: 'They say I'm un-American' 2 guardian
Mafia boss Peppe Pesce gives himself up 1 bbc
Police arrest suspect in Middlesbrough domestic death 5 guardian
Privatised GP service understaffed and missing targets, watchdog finds 1 guardian
Afghan suicide bomber strikes in Baghlan province 2 bbc
Jordan Stapleton shooting: Three in court charged with murder 2 bbc
Obama to address Guant√°namo and drones in major defence speech 1 guardian
Eurovision: Azerbaijan probes Russian 'nul points' 1 bbc
New Band Up North: Dead Sons 3 guardian
Japan earthquake and tsunami triggers Fukushima fears 3 guardian
Bahrain's 'days of rage' - Friday 20 April 27 guardian
GOP delegates seek reassurance from Romney: 'He needs to lay out his plan' 3 guardian
Northern Ireland: Hillary Clinton attacks loyalist violence over union flag 3 guardian
South Africa: sbujwa on the streets 3 guardian
Chloe Johnson friends counselled over Egypt pool death 0 bbc
Truant children: Up to £120 fine for parents in Wales 2 bbc