News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Greek jet makes emergency landing 1 bbc
Madonna ends Malawi charity trip 0 bbc
Seoul bid to solve North bank row 0 bbc
Teenager found hanged at resort 0 bbc
Binge drinking raises cancer risk 0 bbc
Beyonce and Shakira top UK chart 1 bbc
Multi-faith appeal for Johnston 1 bbc
'Critical time' for Iraq security 1 bbc
Shelling traps Somalis in capital 0 bbc
'Flawed' Nigeria poll results due 2 bbc
Gun victim 'spent time in area' 0 bbc
Viewers 'lose millions' to GMTV 5 bbc
Row over 'richer families' claim 4 bbc
Greek jet makes emergency landing 0 bbc
The original artful dodger 0 bbc
School fears over raw sewage risk 0 bbc