News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Prayers for Muamba 0 bbc
Peter Cameron and John McCarthy jailed for extortion in West Lothian 0 bbc
Free mobile apps 'drain battery faster' 0 bbc
Russia joins Red Cross call for daily truce in Syria 0 bbc
Politics live blog: David Cameron's speech on roads and peers debate health bill 11 guardian
New York Mets owners settle with Madoff victims trustee 0 guardian
Afghanistan and American imperialism 0 guardian
Syria: leaked documents reveal Bashar al-Assad's role in crushing protests 0 guardian
Eurovision 2012: British entry risks Engelbert's street cred 0 guardian
Mandela the movie: Idris Elba gives short shrift to South African actors 1 guardian
Businessmen in High Court battle over top London hotels 1 bbc
Regional public pay proposals: decent theory, indecent context 1 guardian
Somalia's national theatre reopens in Mogadishu 0 bbc
NHS bill: Labour force emergency debate on risk register 2 bbc
Norway avalanche kills four tourists at Kaafjord 3 bbc
Leveson inquiry: John Twomey, James Murray, Jeremy Lawton appear 11 guardian