News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Chinese party unveils new leaders 0 bbc
Prize to honour Africa statesman 1 bbc
Asia stock markets in early slide 0 bbc
Cubans vote in municipal election 2 bbc
Gay adoption tribunal appeal due 0 bbc
Hand-held supercomputers 'on way' 0 bbc
Changes to hosepipe bans unveiled 0 bbc
Prize to honour Africa statesman 0 bbc
Boy, 7, dies in hit-and-run crash 4 bbc
Rebels attack Sri Lanka air base 4 bbc
'Cash crisis' for science centres 1 bbc
Call for £750m housing investment 1 bbc
Schools begin free meals scheme 1 bbc
Malibu celebrities feel the heat 0 bbc
Experts bid to help birds of prey 1 bbc
Young 'missing out on eye tests' 1 bbc