News Article Title Version Source Discovered
ID card scheme cost put at £5.4bn 5 bbc
The politics of being 40 4 bbc
Bellamy trial news boosts Wales 6 bbc
Massive diamond bought for $12m 0 bbc
Police officer hit by motorcyle 1 bbc
Absent O'Connor in Scots apology 5 bbc
Schools pledge for care children 4 bbc
Youth guilty of £8m school arson 2 bbc
Chatter and verse 6 bbc
S Korean proposed as new UN chief 2 bbc
Somalis vow holy war on Ethiopia 7 bbc
Friend describes attack on Kriss 3 bbc
Thai post-coup cabinet sworn in 3 bbc
Eight years for Damilola killers 9 bbc
S Korean proposed as new UN chief 1 bbc
Drivers warned of junction delays 1 bbc