News Article Title Version Source Discovered
MSPs back devolution review body 1 bbc
Speeding police 'not prosecuted' 1 bbc
School tables show better results 1 bbc
Civil servants on 48-hour strike 1 bbc
Councils told to translate less 1 bbc
CIA 'wiped' interrogation tapes 0 bbc
Duke aide to attend Diana inquest 0 bbc
Chavez 'will step down in 2013' 0 bbc
Dome was insolvent from beginning 0 bbc
Family doctors urged on HIV tests 0 bbc
Better data protection 'required' 0 bbc
Farc welcomes Sarkozy hostage bid 0 bbc
Teenagers say Amy 'fool not cool' 0 bbc
9,000 radioactive items made safe 0 bbc
Laureate attacks poetry teaching 0 bbc
Demand for IVF continues to rise 0 bbc