News Article Title Version Source Discovered
'Drastic' reforms on energy urged 4 bbc
BBC apologises over Brand prank 2 bbc
Poet's restored birthplace opens 2 bbc
Which class is John Prescott? 3 bbc
Suicide linked to brain changes 1 bbc
Benefits reforms to be introduced 3 bbc
All the lonely people 1 bbc
Niger ex-slave wins landmark case 8 bbc
Mid-East press ponder Israel vote 1 bbc
Global shares continue to slide 10 bbc
Murder charge over boxer dropped 0 bbc
On-street fingerprint checks plan 0 bbc
Plane crash inquiry due to begin 3 bbc
Syria condemns 'US village raid' 3 bbc
US suffers losses in Afghanistan 1 bbc
Global shares continue to slide 9 bbc