News Article Title Version Source Discovered
HBOS chief defends takeover deal 0 bbc
Labour pressed over windfall tax 0 bbc
Energy security 'vital' - Hutton 0 bbc
Menezes shooting inquest starting 6 bbc
Russian navy sails to Venezuela 1 bbc
Italian tourists seized in Egypt 2 bbc
Warner Bros lose Hari Puttar case 0 bbc
Men with sexist views 'earn more' 1 bbc
Injured man quizzed over shooting 1 bbc
Darling pledges action on economy 4 bbc
Double jointed: Curse or blessing? 1 bbc
Turning to the Taleban in Pakistan 3 bbc
Italian tourists seized in Egypt 1 bbc
Pakistan leaders' 'narrow escape' 5 bbc
N Korea 'wants nuclear seals off' 3 bbc
Pakistan leaders' 'narrow escape' 4 bbc