News Article Title Version Source Discovered
9/11 case pilot can claim damages 8 bbc
BAA luggage-tracking trial begins 3 bbc
Putin repeats threat on missiles 2 bbc
Stephen Lawrence site vandalised 4 bbc
Medical records laptop is stolen 1 bbc
Baby ward hit by fatal infection 5 bbc
Hezbollah chief threatens Israel 1 bbc
9/11 case pilot can claim damages 7 bbc
Ruff deal for the Staffie 8 bbc
UKIP anger at prince's EU speech 1 bbc
Bush to send top envoy to Kenya 0 bbc
Son jailed after killing mother 0 bbc
Fed boss warns of weaker economy 1 bbc
'Happy slap' death girl convicted 5 bbc
Holiday couple killed in New York 1 bbc
Ex-Met chief seeks Diana apology 7 bbc