News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Sex offender wins terms challenge 6 bbc
Why do the movies love chess? 1 bbc
A library bigger than any building 2 bbc
HMV snaps up Fopp name and stores 0 bbc
First Khmer Rouge leader charged 2 bbc
US 'aims to help' Mid-East allies 0 bbc
Canaries fires force evacuations 4 bbc
Cameron dismisses party criticism 15 bbc
Brown's UN call on global poverty 9 bbc
Russia supports Abbas leadership 1 bbc
Former Khmer Rouge jailer charged 1 bbc
Call to shake up legal services 0 bbc
Robots battle for military prize 0 bbc
MRSA patients 'may not be linked' 6 bbc
Race goes on after dinghy death 8 bbc
Missing diver was police officer 2 bbc