News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Court interpreter cost concerns 0 bbc
New foot-and-mouth case suspected 12 bbc
Fire blazes at new Shanghai tower 0 bbc
Arafat's widow loses citizenship 0 bbc
Shares in VMware increase by 79% 2 bbc
SNP outlines independence plans 4 bbc
What can't you have on a T-shirt? 3 bbc
Driver hurt as brick hits train 4 bbc
Shot biker followed to motorway 4 bbc
Mattel recalls millions more toys 5 bbc
Mattel recalls millions more toys 6 bbc
Swans injured in crossbow attacks 0 bbc
Hurricane to hit Hawaiian island 0 bbc
US stocks fall on renewed jitters 0 bbc
Police force employs 16-year-olds 2 bbc
Flood threat 'thrown off course' 2 bbc