News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Four killed in Israeli Gaza raid 2 bbc
Deadline to end Malawi deadlock 1 bbc
Inflation falls on food price war 5 bbc
Hundreds due at airport protest 6 bbc
Out of office, or just out of time? 3 bbc
Driver hurt as brick hits train 3 bbc
New Barclaycard is touch-and-pay 1 bbc
Turkey's Gul vows secular agenda 2 bbc
Mattel recalls millions more toys 5 bbc
Mattel recalls millions more toys 4 bbc
Gunmen seize Nigerian MP's mother 1 bbc
Killings spark strikes in Assam 0 bbc
New foot-and-mouth case suspected 11 bbc
Patient killed in hospital attack 4 bbc
Severe weather hits Fastnet crews 10 bbc
Shot biker followed to motorway 3 bbc