News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Man dies in suspected gas blast 15 bbc
Putin to be confirmed as new PM 1 bbc
Israel marks its 60th anniversary 7 bbc
Big screens for ticketless fans 1 bbc
Burma eases cyclone relief access 0 bbc
Nepal reopens summit of Everest 0 bbc
Adults with autism to be audited 2 bbc
Colombia massacre troops jailed 1 bbc
Morocco denies drowning migrants 0 bbc
Food waste on 'staggering' scale 0 bbc
Nesbitt to play Troubles victim 0 bbc
Call to lance 'independence boil' 2 bbc
Call to lance 'independence boil' 1 bbc
Zimbabwe 'too violent for poll' 1 bbc
Britons in Burma 'not in contact' 3 bbc
Indian painter work 'not obscene' 0 bbc