News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Floods 'could be worse than 2001' 1 bbc
Hospital loses staff pay details 2 bbc
Airliner crash lands at Heathrow 1 bbc
Accused had sex with four victims 2 bbc
How Scrabulous has expatiated our vocab 1 bbc
MEPs back freeze on cash to Kenya 0 bbc
Deaths after missed cancer cases 2 bbc
Russia actions 'stain reputation' 7 bbc
Mbeki on mediation trip to Harare 0 bbc
How Scrabulous has boosted our vocab 0 bbc
Qantas may seek Dreamliner payout 0 bbc
Putin urges consensus on Kosovo 1 bbc
Merrill Lynch posts $7.8bn loss 4 bbc
'Seven dead' in Kenyan protests 12 bbc
Main Bhutan election date is set 1 bbc
Ombudsman requests judge meeting 1 bbc