News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Emergency water supplies run low 1 bbc
Facebook court hearing is delayed 0 bbc
Unit hit by infection to reopen 2 bbc
Sarkozy signs deals with Gaddafi 10 bbc
Sarkozy signs deals with Gaddafi 9 bbc
UK mountaineer dies on Mont Blanc 1 bbc
Request made for Mars rover price 0 bbc
Phone mast allergy 'in the mind' 11 bbc
Funds row at children's hospital 4 bbc
Mac and iPhone sales boost Apple 0 bbc
Scottish Tory chairman quits post 0 bbc
Russian North Pole mission stalls 0 bbc
Russians to dive below North Pole 2 bbc
UK to get 'unified' border force 11 bbc
UK soldier killed in Afghanistan 4 bbc
Kazakhstan doctors in HIV protest 0 bbc