News Article Title Version Source Discovered
'Toxic waste' prisoners attacked 4 bbc
Day of rest petition is passed on 2 bbc
Beatles mentor joins Hall of Fame 2 bbc
Palestinian rocket kills Israeli 8 bbc
Singing from the same hymn sheet? 1 bbc
'Do not revive' earliest babies 15 bbc
'No cheating' in Congo election 3 bbc
Migrants 'carry disease burden' 0 bbc
Man who killed baby niece jailed 0 bbc
Forgive, but not forget 0 bbc
'No cheating' in Congo election 2 bbc
Yushchenko allies face dismissal 0 bbc
Donors urged to raise Yemen aid 0 bbc
S Asia rivals in anti-terror move 0 bbc
Japan and Russia on tsunami alert 6 bbc
Pakistan votes to amend rape laws 6 bbc