News Article Title Version Source Discovered
UK tourism to Kenya ban extended 0 bbc
Boost for high-speed train maker 0 bbc
'Wii warm-up' good for surgeons 0 bbc
Rebel base 'destroyed' in S Lanka 3 bbc
Kenya police shoot amid protests 7 bbc
Airport boss is removed from post 0 bbc
EDF Energy set to increase prices 5 bbc
Call for probe into bailed killer 3 bbc
Defendant DNA 'found on victims' 3 bbc
Historic cathedral in cash plea 0 bbc
Deaths after missed cancer cases 0 bbc
Floods 'could be worse than 2001' 0 bbc
Boat raised after Clyde tragedy 0 bbc
US, Mexico strengthen gun checks 0 bbc
Three convicted of Newlove murder 10 bbc
Militants 'abandon' Pakistan fort 1 bbc