News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Up to 4,000 council jobs at risk 0 bbc
'Why I chose to section my wife' 0 bbc
'11 Europeans' wanted in Dubai 1 bbc
Tory 'worker co-operatives' plan 6 bbc
Somali minister survives bombing 0 bbc
Property firm wins deposit case 0 bbc
Firearms Pc told 'keep gun down' 2 bbc
Plans for bilingual street signs 2 bbc
Taliban 'forced from strongholds' 8 bbc
Griffin hails reporter's ejection 2 bbc
Tension over sex testing in sport 3 bbc
Tension over sex testing in sport 2 bbc
Pope nominated for Classical Brit 13 bbc
Father denies poisoning baby son 0 bbc
Tory error over teen pregnancies 3 bbc
Police investigate garage robbery 1 bbc