News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Venezuela to vote on Chavez term 1 bbc
The thief who stole pages from history 1 bbc
NY plane to be lifted from river 2 bbc
Israel 'to announce ceasefire' 4 bbc
Gaza protesters raid arms factory 2 bbc
Obama begins historic rail trip 2 bbc
High winds bring down power lines 1 bbc
Man shot in head found on street 0 bbc
Brown in UK naval offer for Gaza 1 bbc
Thousands protest in UK over Gaza 9 bbc
Israel 'to announce ceasefire' 3 bbc
Roads blocked as winds batter NI 0 bbc
UK needs 'tougher market rules' 0 bbc
Man escapes after car hits house 1 bbc
Marchers call for peace in Gaza 1 bbc
Missing girl and man seen on CCTV 4 bbc