News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Arab-Jewish tensions rise in France 0 bbc
No work forces steel staff home 0 bbc
NI medical supplies 'in jeopardy' 1 bbc
Obama plan 'would lift economy' 1 bbc
Back to the City 6 bbc
Charles faces 'Sooty' name claim 2 bbc
Confused by the cult of Tintin? You're not alone 8 bbc
Slumdog sweeps US critics' awards 3 bbc
Russian gas to Europe 'blocked' 2 bbc
US trade deficit at five-year low 0 bbc
Thousands call for Mid-East peace 9 bbc
Charles faces 'Sooty' name claim 1 bbc
Zimbabwe health crisis 'a crime' 3 bbc
Assault trial hears from Lennon 0 bbc
Uncertain future for hybrid research 0 bbc
Teenager raped in city alleyway 3 bbc