News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Technical glitch halts LSE trades 8 bbc
'13-pint' driver drove 120 miles 0 bbc
Mother 'suffocated at-risk son' 0 bbc
Al-Qaeda 'marks 9/11 with video' 0 bbc
Isotope shortage may delay scans 5 bbc
Ugandan king given state funeral 2 bbc
Flood fears ease as rains lighten 20 bbc
White House race enters high gear 1 bbc
Russians 'agree Georgia deadline' 1 bbc
Why the West should put money in the trees 1 bbc
Scotland 'needs national channel' 6 bbc
Russians 'agree Georgia deadline' 0 bbc
White House race enters high gear 0 bbc
Tesco fails in resort store bid 0 bbc
Declaring love boosts sex appeal 1 bbc
Spears dominates MTV awards show 7 bbc