News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Budget 'lifts 42,000 more workers in Wales out of income tax' 2 bbc
Toulouse killings arrest denied 2 bbc
Could you run a marathon without training? 3 bbc
Judith Tebbutt: UK hostage kidnapped in Kenya freed 8 bbc
Italy's biggest union to strike over job reform plans 0 bbc
Ex-Tuareg leader Aghali Alambo in Niger arrest 0 bbc
Kensington Palace revamp seeks to get rid of a stuffy reputation 2 guardian
Libya's former spy chief Senussi 'to be handed over' 1 bbc
Syria: UN security council agree to back Kofi Annan's plan - live updates 7 guardian
Mitt Romney wins Illinois primary: live reaction 2 guardian
Toulouse shootings: police corner suspect in early swoop - live updates 11 guardian
George Osborne's cheesy Wallace and Gromit quip gets lame horse response 0 guardian
Groom jailed for starting fire at his wedding 0 guardian
Victory for Mitt Romney in Illinois Republican primary 11 bbc
Prince William returns home after duty in Falklands 3 bbc
Syrian government tanks 'shell Damascus suburbs' 1 bbc