News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Doubts cast on Taser gun safety 2 bbc
Ships on legs 7 bbc
Blast kills top Afghan official 2 bbc
Win for disability rights woman 9 bbc
Storms battering parts of Britain 2 bbc
Stop Kenya burning, says AU head 9 bbc
Cumbria 'safest county to live' 1 bbc
Afghanistan's future 'in peril' 1 bbc
High winds cause travel problems 2 bbc
Newest class entirely girl-free 2 bbc
Afghanistan's future 'in peril' 0 bbc
Cumbria 'safest county to live' 0 bbc
NHS trusts 'reject homoeopathy' 1 bbc
Warning over cannabis lung harm 1 bbc
Millions 'not wearing seatbelts' 1 bbc
Kabul suicide bomb kills civilian 1 bbc