News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Industry seeks meat export move 0 bbc
Cuban boxers deported from Brazil 0 bbc
Maputo seizes 'toxic toothpaste' 0 bbc
Big US slump ends volatile week 1 bbc
Man charged over Newport murder 2 bbc
Polish coalition thrown in doubt 2 bbc
Madonna's adoption hits trouble 1 bbc
Gusmao to be East Timor's new PM 1 bbc
Free IVF care 'denied to many' 1 bbc
Disease lab results 'by Tuesday' 5 bbc
190,000 weapons 'missing in Iraq' 0 bbc
Disease lab results 'by Tuesday' 4 bbc
Heavy rain forces residents out 1 bbc
Pupils receive results on the web 3 bbc
Smoking, my lost love 0 bbc
CO2 emissions are 'highest in UK' 0 bbc