News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Gaza border clash kills militants 0 bbc
Spray in running to beat midges 1 bbc
BAA airport ownership criticised 3 bbc
Strike hits 1,770 schools so far 6 bbc
Strike hits 1,770 schools so far 5 bbc
Muslims 'raised terror concern' 1 bbc
Africa urged to boycott arms ship 2 bbc
Lenders to discuss mortgage woes 7 bbc
Father fined for overfilling bin 0 bbc
Muslims 'raised terror concern' 0 bbc
Rebels keep up pressure on Brown 7 bbc
Council carpeted over tendering 3 bbc
Milk teeth found at Jersey home 1 bbc
Brain damage link to cancer drug 0 bbc
Call for Europe organ donor card 0 bbc
Lawrence mother's '15-year pain' 2 bbc