News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Louisiana Red obituary 3 guardian
Suzanne Pilley murder trial hears 'blackmail' claim 1 bbc
Essar Energy shares fall 10% on 2011 loss 3 bbc
MHRA: Metal hip implant patients need life-long checks 1 bbc
Ohio high school shooting: student declared brain dead 1 guardian
Senegal's Abdoulaye Wade accepts election run-off 2 bbc
Ding family murders: Police 'mishandled' 999 call 1 bbc
Anti-NHS reform billboards to target London mayor elections 1 guardian
Extradited Chris Tappin's wife Elaine in tears before MPs 0 bbc
Crossrail trains contract 'should benefit UK' 0 bbc
Eurozone crisis live: Portugal passes bailout tests 12 guardian
The bus boss who fought against 'African time' 0 bbc
iPad legal fight highlights China's trademark minefield 0 bbc
French genocide law 'unconstitutional', rules top court 0 bbc
MPs to debate European fiscal treaty's 'legality' 0 bbc
Northern Rock 'to return £11bn profit to taxpayer' 0 bbc