News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Malaysia resignation amid arrests 1 bbc
Lehman Bros files for bankruptcy 23 bbc
Fears voiced over new superbugs 1 bbc
Minister quits in Brown protest 4 bbc
Four charged over father's murder 5 bbc
Afghan civilian casualties soar 1 bbc
Labour chiefs block rebel request 8 bbc
Crisis threatens insurance giant 2 bbc
Global market turmoil continues 9 bbc
Global market turmoil continues 17 bbc
Saudi judge condemns 'immoral TV' 2 bbc
Palin husband ordered to testify 1 bbc
UN pulls out of north Sri Lanka 7 bbc
England 'most crowded in Europe' 1 bbc
The bug that can kill within hours 2 bbc
Asbo OAP's digging caught on film 0 bbc