News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Single mother's £8.5m lotto win 0 bbc
Turks argue over next president 1 bbc
Parents of BBC man plead for son 10 bbc
Judge warning to no-show Asbo OAP 7 bbc
William back to work after split 1 bbc
Abortions 'crisis' threatens NHS 2 bbc
Court puts Nigeria poll in doubt 7 bbc
Tribe in Pakistan security plea 1 bbc
Arrests over party girl's death 1 bbc
Last chance for Nigeria poll bid 6 bbc
BBC man's 'killing' not verified 0 bbc
Arrests over party girl's death 0 bbc
Civil servant on terrorist charge 0 bbc
Clinton, Obama head funding drive 1 bbc
Sinn Fein in Policing Board first 2 bbc
Coroner attacks 'inexcusable' US 2 bbc