News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Acne drug is linked to depression 0 bbc
England's warming 'not natural' 0 bbc
Somali president describes attack 3 bbc
Sir Menzies primed for tax battle 5 bbc
Taleban fight 'hard but winnable' 3 bbc
Somali president describes attack 2 bbc
Israel seeks Palestinian dialogue 0 bbc
Aid grants 'fail to deliver jobs' 0 bbc
War hero launches bravery stamps 1 bbc
Peace deadline for Ugandan rebels 0 bbc
French arrests over Ivorian waste 0 bbc
Indonesia to execute Christians 0 bbc
Mother's legal move in Misbah row 0 bbc
Darfur talks 'near tipping point' 4 bbc
UN chief warns of Iraq civil war 3 bbc
Freight move 'eases' congestion 1 bbc