News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Severe criticism of health board 1 bbc
Breastfeeding 'helps to boost IQ' 2 bbc
Attacks test Pakistan ceasefire 2 bbc
The bicycle backlash unfolds 1 bbc
Aid call as Burma casualties rise 18 bbc
Somalia forces 'out of control' 7 bbc
Radio host James Whale is sacked 2 bbc
Cameron targets by-election win 6 bbc
Irish leaders open Boyne centre 4 bbc
'Superhead' school police probe 0 bbc
Ferry capsizes in Amazon region 3 bbc
Jewish return to Germany 'humane' 1 bbc
Swiss bank UBS cuts 5,500 posts 3 bbc
'No move' on referendum timetable 1 bbc
Irish leaders open Boyne centre 3 bbc
Mail competition is 'no benefit' 7 bbc