News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Share markets mixed in volatile trading 8 bbc
Detective Mark Fisher guilty of misconduct in sex case 0 bbc
Man who strangled girlfriend during sex jailed 0 bbc
Syrian security forces 'kill seven in Homs province' 0 bbc
More people admitted to hospital after dog injuries 3 bbc
Ealing riot: CCTV of Richard Mannington Bowes attacker 1 bbc
David Cameron: Police admit they got riots wrong 16 bbc
Manchester and Salford riots: Eight men jailed 0 bbc
England riots: 24-hour criminal justice system after riots 2 bbc
England riots: Government mulls social media controls 0 bbc
George Osborne: Austerity has made UK 'safe haven' 0 bbc
'Shooting' at Estonian defence ministry in Tallinn 0 bbc
England riots: Welsh arrests on social media misuse 1 bbc
Top e-petition demands axing of benefits for rioters 5 bbc
Mothers of twins 'have heavier single babies' 4 bbc
Two boys, 15, arrested over Cambridge street violence 1 bbc