News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Fears grow for Ukrainian miners 1 bbc
Lib Dems consider Clegg complaint 0 bbc
Queen and Duke mark anniversary 0 bbc
Fears grow for Ukrainian miners 0 bbc
Speed penalty point plan attacked 0 bbc
YouTube tackles bullying online 0 bbc
Police chief makes terror warning 0 bbc
Poll shows freedom act awareness 0 bbc
Broody eagles boost chick numbers 0 bbc
Brown to outline climate targets 0 bbc
Hearing tests for over 55s call 0 bbc
UK patients get newest HIV drug 0 bbc
Climate 'will undo Asian success' 0 bbc
Ceremony for a martyred saint 1 bbc
Gold miners rescued in Australia 1 bbc
Iran leader dismisses US currency 0 bbc