News Article Title Version Source Discovered
British Gas sees profits up 24% 5 bbc
Cancer drug Avastin 'not approved' for breast cancers 0 bbc
Hospital obesity admissions increase by 30% in a year 0 bbc
Royal Bank of Scotland reports annual loss of £1.13bn 3 bbc
Libya unrest: David Cameron apology for UK response 0 bbc
Could the UK work with two different time zones? 10 bbc
Young UK man seeks roots amid the terror risks of Yemen 1 bbc
New Zealand quake: Britons wait for news of casualties 4 bbc
Libya unrest: Rescued Britons flying home 5 bbc
Oil prices hit fresh highs on Libya unrest fears 5 bbc
John le Carre donates archive to Bodleian Library 1 bbc
British Gas sees profits up 24% 4 bbc
Council cuts: Just what is a 'non-job'? 27 bbc
Julian Assange to learn Sweden extradition ruling 0 bbc
British businessmen jailed over Iraqi bribes 1 bbc
Most locked-in patients 'happy' 2 bbc