News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Anger over 'footballer' mansions 0 bbc
Couple wear 'dead dog' jumpers 0 bbc
Queen set to meet Irish president 0 bbc
How to spend £35,000 a year on a child 0 bbc
Oil debate stirs Mexico passions 0 bbc
US troops error kills Iraq police 0 bbc
Police weapon handover criticised 0 bbc
Update for trawler death families 0 bbc
Mayor gets boost from Green rival 0 bbc
Protesters 'surrender in Tibet' 7 bbc
Gurkha veterans seek equal rights 4 bbc
Writer Arthur C Clarke dies at 90 19 bbc
Cyprus peace talks 'must succeed' 0 bbc
Somali UN peace force considered 0 bbc
UK unemployment falls by 32,000 0 bbc
Brown unveils security strategy 2 bbc