News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Diana driver samples questioned 0 bbc
Winehouse 'filmed smoking crack' 0 bbc
Bangladesh teachers are released 1 bbc
Thugs 'left grandfather for dead' 1 bbc
Men 'drink far more than women' 6 bbc
Congolese await 'historic' deal 5 bbc
MP hits out at charity 'sob-in' 1 bbc
Mother's evidence in Suffolk case 5 bbc
Recession fears weigh on markets 27 bbc
Threat of severe flooding eased 14 bbc
Clinton and Obama clash in debate 3 bbc
Flooding travel chaos set to ease 13 bbc
Recession fears weigh on markets 26 bbc
US dismisses Kenyan 'propaganda' 4 bbc
Housing and health cash bonanza 2 bbc
Israel eases restrictions on Gaza 5 bbc