News Article Title Version Source Discovered
UK unemployment climbs to 2.47m 15 bbc
Scottish unemployment rises again 9 bbc
Targets: more effective than we think 26 bbc
No agreement after policing talks 1 bbc
Osborne: Brown misled MPs on cuts 16 bbc
US Air Force to pull out of base 2 bbc
US proposes net neutrality rules 3 bbc
Match ends Adidas and Puma feud 2 bbc
Trafigura 'to pay out over waste' 2 bbc
UN envoy in Sri Lanka for talks 7 bbc
Audio labels to help blind people 1 bbc
Making baby surgery safer 2 bbc
US calms row over bomber release 0 bbc
Obama calls Kanye West a jackass 3 bbc
Dylan to show artwork in Denmark 1 bbc
Bomb plot case 'a waste of money' 3 bbc