News Article Title Version Source Discovered
West 'embraces sham democracies' 0 bbc
Kosovo declaration 'not imminent' 0 bbc
Web disturbances set to continue 0 bbc
Media weigh Winograd report 0 bbc
Labour 'must spell out policies' 1 bbc
Porton Down victims awarded £3m 2 bbc
GPs can treat benign breast lumps 0 bbc
Rail fare strike support growing 2 bbc
Gaza militant killed near Rafah 2 bbc
Murder victim's neck 'compressed' 2 bbc
Mother to fight bid to take baby 8 bbc
How do needlephobics get vaccinated? 3 bbc
Childminder guilty of killing boy 2 bbc
Food warnings amid China freeze 6 bbc
Porton Down victims awarded £3m 1 bbc
Funeral of 'Great Escape' veteran 1 bbc