News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Non-learners 'may lose benefits' 5 bbc
Berlusconi apologises to his wife 2 bbc
UK sees second warmest January 0 bbc
Israel checks WWII Arab 'saviour' 0 bbc
Abu Hamza to face extradition bid 0 bbc
Cameron terraces pledge to fans 0 bbc
Pop group Beautiful South split 0 bbc
Boxer arrested on drugs charges 0 bbc
Most of Napoli's fuel oil removed 0 bbc
Berlusconi apologises to his wife 1 bbc
Non-learners 'may lose benefits' 4 bbc
US chief seeks new tack on Iraq 5 bbc
Dentists 'turning away patients' 4 bbc
Germany issues CIA arrest orders 3 bbc
Non-learners 'may lose benefits' 3 bbc
£1.5m for Aberfan memorial garden 1 bbc