News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Soldiers hunt for rebels in Assam 3 bbc
Russia 'forced' into oil shutdown 14 bbc
Lebanon opposition renews protest 0 bbc
Iran smog 'kills 3,600 in month' 0 bbc
Swansea-Cork ferry service closes 0 bbc
Russia 'forced into oil shutdown' 13 bbc
Blair 'to reassure over MI5 role' 5 bbc
Classroom politics 5 bbc
Baghdad fighting 'kills dozens' 5 bbc
Overseas crimes 'left unrecorded' 1 bbc
Blair green views 'muddle-headed' 4 bbc
Women 'missing' in top UK posts 3 bbc
Brankin to fill communities post 2 bbc
Pigs are clear of foot-and-mouth 1 bbc
Blair green views 'muddle-headed' 3 bbc
Cold War history exhibition opens 2 bbc