News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Three-legged dog loves train ride 2 bbc
British arrests soar 32% in Spain 7 bbc
Cameron returns to political fray 1 bbc
Doctor to see Pakistani defendant 0 bbc
JP Morgan losses gather momentum 0 bbc
A night out with tag-team hedgehog 0 bbc
Rape compensation cut overturned 3 bbc
Russia 'ends Georgia operation' 0 bbc
Island bird attack couple rescued 0 bbc
Machine-gun massacre in suburbia 3 bbc
Assaults add pressure on Georgia 7 bbc
Five rescued from flooded roads 2 bbc
UK inflation up to 4.4% in July 2 bbc
Renewed violence in west China 0 bbc
Mortgage market 'remains subdued' 0 bbc
Ex-BBC TV executive Cotton dies 0 bbc