News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Ferry firm to end Rosyth service 2 bbc
Brown expands nuclear ambitions 2 bbc
Two men arrested in terror raids 0 bbc
Harassment fear in bomb community 0 bbc
Microsoft demos 'touch Windows' 6 bbc
'Window of opportunity' in Burma 0 bbc
Amnesty condemns Egypt detentions 0 bbc
Businessman to pay out £500,000 0 bbc
Man still questioned over murder 1 bbc
Mass evacuation from quake lake 3 bbc
McCartney witness admitted lying 1 bbc
SA denies planning refugee camps 1 bbc
Brown expands nuclear ambitions 1 bbc
Spain twins sue over birth mix-up 1 bbc
Fuel demo adds to road taxes row 31 bbc
Man guilty of police wife murder 8 bbc