News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Nato tackles Afghan troop deficit 0 bbc
Sri Lanka denies rebel talks deal 4 bbc
NHS phone charges 'prey on poor' 1 bbc
Apple targets TV and film market 9 bbc
Nigeria oil unions stage strike 2 bbc
Clinton re-election bid on track 3 bbc
Drug 'speedballing' on the rise 4 bbc
Zimbabwe police seal off capital 4 bbc
'Doctor Death' on SA army payroll 0 bbc
Tourist in second Outback rescue 0 bbc
Lost childhood? Nostalgic claptrap 0 bbc
Explosion rocks SE Turkish city 5 bbc
Menezes police officer promoted 4 bbc
Ex-prisoners can 'join police' 1 bbc
Two appear in court over Pc death 0 bbc
Are you Google's gopher? 0 bbc