News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Nato claims more Taleban losses 0 bbc
Ultimatum for terror-hunt school 0 bbc
US remembers 9/11 five years on 6 bbc
Angry Beirut protests greet Blair 4 bbc
Servicemen's bodies brought home 1 bbc
Arrest over fatal motorway crash 6 bbc
Arrest over fatal motorway crash 5 bbc
New poll calls for independence 3 bbc
Britons to mark 9/11 anniversary 9 bbc
Colombia military in bomb scandal 0 bbc
House prices show strong growth 0 bbc
Axed police mergers cost millions 0 bbc
Stolen body parts 'sold to NHS' 0 bbc
Father dies saving son from sea 0 bbc
Bomb attack kills Afghan governor 1 bbc
Pope in visit to German hometown 1 bbc