News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Father and children dead in car 10 bbc
Father and children dead in car 3 bbc
Uefa Cup violence 'started early' 3 bbc
UN envoy due for Zimbabwe talks 7 bbc
Nato reviews Ukraine entry hopes 1 bbc
Media doctor admits plagiarism 4 bbc
UK set to increase Afghan troops 5 bbc
Green agenda still key - Cameron 0 bbc
Lib Dems would replace some tests 0 bbc
Flood warning after Chinese rains 0 bbc
How not to have an Olympic mascot nightmare 0 bbc
Cyclist targeted by killer named 0 bbc
Grampian taken over by Dutch firm 0 bbc
Concerns over private care firms 1 bbc
New strike by Argentine farmers 6 bbc
Policemen die in S Lanka attack 5 bbc