News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Taiwan recognises 'lost' people 0 bbc
French bill to fight homelessness 0 bbc
Unemployed figures show increase 0 bbc
US doctors plan womb transplant 5 bbc
Tesco enjoys record festive sales 3 bbc
LA rule out early Beckham arrival 4 bbc
Legend Ali reaches 65th birthday 2 bbc
Price cuts continue to hurt Intel 3 bbc
Call for painkiller ban dismissed 2 bbc
Protest to stop Ugandan's removal 5 bbc
Britain 'braced for heavy storms' 1 bbc
Ex-railway worker guilty of arson 8 bbc
Dunn chooses Rovers over Bolton 5 bbc
Widow and her lover deny murder 0 bbc
Politicians enter Big Brother row 10 bbc
Police monitored 'bomb plotters' 8 bbc