News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Four cases of swine flu confirmed 0 bbc
Outrage over N Korea nuclear test 6 bbc
Berlusconi seeks to placate Italy 0 bbc
Clues found to menopause timing 0 bbc
Euro election country-by-country 0 bbc
Europe may elect 'virtual MEPs' 0 bbc
MP family expense claims revealed 3 bbc
Minister calls for voting reform 1 bbc
Scientology on trial in France 1 bbc
Man arrested over weekend murder 5 bbc
Nigeria rebels destroy pipeline 2 bbc
Immunity deal 'protects Karadzic' 0 bbc
Blood and bedtime stories 2 bbc
Outrage over N Korea nuclear test 5 bbc
Somali gunmen 'renounce piracy' 2 bbc
In pictures: Sikh riots in Punjab 2 bbc