News Article Title Version Source Discovered
Scots house value total up by 16% 0 bbc
Pound at record low against euro 7 bbc
Taiwan votes for new parliament 2 bbc
Weather 'hit highs' during 2007 0 bbc
Chavez makes Colombia rebel call 0 bbc
Flooding brings more travel chaos 10 bbc
Zambezi floods expected to worsen 0 bbc
Key test for bank overdraft fees 0 bbc
Taiwan votes for new parliament 1 bbc
Gene therapy implants for tendons 0 bbc
Bad cholesterol genes discovered 0 bbc
Lib Dems want parent-run schools 0 bbc
Bank of America buys Countrywide 3 bbc
Taiwanese to elect new parliament 0 bbc
Hain faces sleaze watchdog probe 15 bbc
US stocks slump on economy fears 1 bbc